Aerobi-Tech, Inc.
3135 Ranger Highway
Weatherford, TX 76088
Phone: (817) 596-9489
Welcome to Aerobi-Tech An Aerobic Septic System treats wastewater using a scaled down process used by municipal wastewater treatment plants. They remove 98% of the organic and solid matter from the wastewater, producing a sewage water discharge (effluent) as clean as municipal wastewater treatment plants. And cleaner than conventional septic tanks.

Unlike traditional septic tank systems aerobic septic systems produces higher quality secondary effluent, which can then be used for surface irrigation. The naturally occurring bacteria in the soil will finish the treatment process, turning untreated household wastewater into clean and safe groundwater. This allows greater flexibility in deciding the placement of the leach field. In turn cutting the size of the leach field by about 50%.

Welcome to Aerobi-Tech

We are an aerobic service & inspection company located in Weatherford, TX. At this time we only pump in Parker County.

★ We Do NOT Deliver ★ We Do NOT Install ★

We have been formed through the acquisition of service contracts from Ledford Services, S.A.B. Enterprises, and Boyett & Son. We are presently servicing over 2900 contracts in thirteen counties. We offer our customers a 24 hour answering service. We have service technicians and inspectors with experience in the wastewater industry. Our inspections include an examination of your system, we measure sludge levels, and verify the working order of your compressor, sprinklers, high water alarms and water pump. We also file all reports informing you and the State's designated representative, as to the status of you Aerobic system.

While we realize many of our customers are not excited about having these inspections, we strive to make them as pleasant as possible. We will inspect your system in a timely manner, make you aware of any problems that may occur, and at your request, make any necessary repairs. We will keep your system in good working order, working with manufacturers to resolve existing problems. We will also add chlorine as an additional service and check static air pressure as needed. If we can help you in any way, please give us a call. We will be happy to explain our services. We look forward to serving you!

Other products and services we provide:

  1. We sell septic chlorine in 10 lb buckets, 25 lb buckets, and in 45 lb buckets
  2. Repairs and service on all major brand aerobic systems
  3. Septic pumping is available
  4. We have many products for aerobic systems available
  5. Pumping is available in Parker County only

They include:

  1. New and Rebuilt Linear Compressors
  2. New and Rebuilt Rotary Vein Compressors
  3. Water pumps
  4. Aerators
  5. Chlorine tubes
  6. Floats